Crima XL Espresso Machine


£3300 + VAT

Compact and easy to use, Crima XL Espresso Machine allows for the preparation of a quality espresso with just a few simple gestures. Although it’s part of the entry-level category, in fact it contains all the characteristics of a “great machine”. Crima XL Espresso Machine is the right product for those who need high performance at the right price.

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Model – Crima XL 2 Group
Machine Price – £3300.00 + VAT
Width – 670mm
Depth – 560mm
Boiler Capactiy – 12 Litres
Power Consumption – 4000 Watts

The Crima XL espresso machine is easy to operate thanks to the large waterproof button, big knobs with long steam wand, the raised groups ready to accommodate  170mm high cups, it makes brewing directly into a take-away cup a dream! The Crima XL is built to deliver espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos. Operated by touch pad controls this version also has two separate programmable hot water dosings. Manufactured with a robust steel chassis that is black powder painted, it is assembled with screws and nuts for easy servicing if required. Internal components are designed for easy maintenance so all of the components are clearly screwed in for easy access. The groups get heated in a thermosiphonic  way directly from the main boiler. The group is the Crima CR75, designed for great temperature stability and to be easily fitted on the right or left hand side of the machine. As extra innovative feature of Crima machine is the completely independent electrical wiring for emergency brewing in case of electronic failure, making it the most reliable espresso machine in the market
Crima XL Technical Features
CR75 Style group thermo syphon
Hot Water tap with 2 settings doses
Manual bypass brew buttons
Programmable touchpad
Fuse protected electronics
Emergency manual water refill
Emergency boiler valve shut
Tall group allowing the use of upto 21oz takeaway cups
1 year parts and labour warranty
Needs hard wiring to 25Amp cooker switch
Why you should choose the Crima XL

The group heads are compatible and swappable so the engineer needs to carry only one piece with them.

All the valves have been standardised so again just one valve needs to be carried about.

Big screw on the side allow for easy access to the inside of the machine for inspection in less than 2 minutes and the main components like the pump, pressure switch and group can be replaced in less than 10 minutes.