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The best coffee beans cannot make up for the impurities a dirty machine adds to your drinks.

Coffee beans contain essential oils.

While these oils are responsible for the rich crema that tops your espresso, it can also be responsible for a rancid off flavour that develops over time.
Those oils emulsify and cling to and behind the water screen of your espresso machine, doubly so on brass surfaces.

These oils also leave a film on the filter basket and portafilter.
Over time this film will start to plug the holes of the filter basket and create deposits inside the portafilter spout.

Luckily these impurities are relatively easy to remove IF you follow a regular cleaning schedule.

Caffe Napoli offers honest and dependable service for ALL your espresso equipment. We make preventative maintenance schedules to suit your requirements, and to insure a better cup of espresso.

A wide range of parts for espresso machines and grinders are stocked in our service van and workshop, giving fast turnaround on repairs.

We also offer installation and maintenance training, so get in touch with Caffe’ Napoli today!

Full onsite service

Machine full descale service (no parts included)

2 group £350 + VAT

3 group £450 + VAT


Back to base workshop for jobs requiring greater attention

Scheduled preventative maintenance programs

Water filter exchange

Full workshop descale

Boiler inspections

In addition, Caffe Napoli is very happy to provide high quality Barista training. Orazio Di Dio is passionate about coffee and loves to share his expertise.
Caffe Napoli will provide any person with the basics to make him or her a knowledgeable and capable barista, able to create exceptional espresso beverages utilising your coffee.
This training allows a team to build confidence as well as technical skills to make the perfect espresso based beverage every time

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