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We try to make sure that our coffee is competitively priced but as you will know very often fairtrade and organic coffee comes at a premium. Although sometimes the coffee beans on this website might be more expensive then similar products you might find in UK supermarkets – we know that our coffee beans have been freshly roasted using traditional skills and provide high quality, exceptional flavours.

We are one of the only coffee retailers on the internet offering loyalty points to their customers. When you buy coffee from this website we will give you 1 loyalty point for every pound you spend (the equivalent of 5 pence) which can be used off your next purchase.


To obtain a tasty ‘espresso’ , creamy and full-bodied , with a well-balanced flavour we make a strict selection of raw materials, using high quality products for our blends.

Through a decennial experience of our tasters, each blend combines selected green coffees of two tropics, four different geographical areas, for an equilibrate mixture of their own typical features .

This will assure a constancy in taste , avoiding any possible consequent perceptible alteration due to the differences from lot to lot and from harvest to harvest.

The entire production process : roasting, blending up to grinding is strictly controlled for creating an excellent coffee.

From a chemical perspective, the caffeine content is 1.2% compared to 2.2% for Robusta, while the taste of Arabica is sweeter and more aromatic than Robusta, the latter being more bitter and woody but giving more body to the espresso.

Roasting is processed by very advanced facilities characterized by automatic checks to have an absolutely homogeneous bean roasting. After an adequate rest, a careful product selection follows to eliminate the imperfect beans which could alter the taste; the process ends with packaging and degustation to check the final result in the cup.

We have a wide selection of delicious and interesting coffee types. Each coffee has its own unique flavour and we have tried to provide you with as much information as possible about each different coffee type whether its a blend, or a single origin, a dark roast or a medium roast. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur looking for a large range of full flavoured coffee beans or if you are just someone wanting to brighten up their day with some pre-ground beans we will have something on offer that will excite you.

Buy coffee beans using PayPal which is 100% safe and if you don’t have Paypal they can process your payment for us via your credit or debit card.

Have a good look around I’m sure we’ll have a coffee that’s suited to your needs here on our UK based online coffee shop. Buy coffee beans here and with our postage service you will be drinking the best coffee beans delivered straight to your own door.

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